Welcome to the IHS Class of ’73 blog!

~~a place for our classmates to connect with one another~~

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22 thoughts on “Welcome to the IHS Class of ’73 blog!

  1. HI y’all………..I’m not big on blogging, but couldn’t resist adding a profile and my 2 cents of comments! Great Sue…we can all be lazy about trying to keep in contact so I’m glad you are leading the way. Good job!
    ~Bruce Rosenbaum~

  2. Hi Sue! This is fun – a good way to start the reunion early. Is there a place we can view the bios of everybody registered? Can we post photos on our bios? I’m looking forward to the reunion! ~ Jill (Morse) Menezes

  3. Sue,
    I love this site. What a great idea. I hope everyone is planning to come to the reunion in July.

    Bobby B, I always knew you had a thing for Tony Ciaccia – didn’t we all???
    See you soon,

  4. Thanks folks, I’m glad you like it. I’m still learning how to make this thing work so everyone can post a profile page. In the meantime, feel free to include the link in your profile for your website, blog, social networking and photo pages (myspace/facebook/deviantart/picassa) etc, and I’ll include it under the “Our Classmates’ Websites” category on the main page.—-Sue

  5. hi everyone . so glad to hear from you all. its sad to see how many have passed, though. i’ll be there in july. jeanne taranto call me @ 3410099 ,please! eddie fugo is hot

  6. Sue, Thanks for all you have done for the reunion, etc. Great job on this!!! Looking forward to the reunion.

    Ralph & I left Rochester in late October and have been on the road in our RV. What a beautiful country we have!!! We are on our way home now and will be there on 4/9.

  7. I’ve been hoping someone would take the initiative to set up a means by which the Class of ’73 could reconnect after we lost the IHS Alumni site.

    Thanks, Sue.

    It was difficult reading the list of those who are no longer with us. My last memories of them all were as teenagers. Now they’ll always be forever young.

    My family and I are still here in Rochester, living in the city. I had wanted to make it to the previous reunions, but our family rented a cottage on Conesus Lake for over 15 years, and the weeks we rented were ALWAYS the ones when the reunions were held!

    This year I should be available to make it, God willing. In the mean time, I’ll do my best to be a regular visitor and contributor.

    – Tom

  8. Glad to see this site was a great idea. I hope to be at the reunion but if it is too humid and hot I will not be able to go. I have C.O.P.D./asthma that requires me to use oxygen and the heat and humidity gives me troubles breaathing. Smoking and working with caustic materials at work, didn’t help my lungs. So for all those that still smoke think about quiting and those that work with hazardous materials and having trouble breathing get checked by your doctor.
    Michaele Kusse D’Angelo

  9. What a great job on the site! I got a feeling it will see alot of use! Don’t think I’ll be able to make the Reunion again due to a work commitment on the Holiday weekend. But it would be great to see alot of ’73 grads at the Jim “Art” Resso Memorial Golf outing. I was really shocked at all the classmates that have passed away.Mike Celli was not included? He may not have graduated with us?

  10. Still working out logistics but hope to be at the reunion. Can’t wait for the tee shirt. Thx Tony. Good job by the reunion committee.

    Wendy Thompson, Boston

  11. I need only close my eyes to conjure up the sounds and smells of the High School and easily be 17 again (although in reality I am finding midlle-age to be amazingly liberating). I may look 53 and am definitely overweight (thanks to a case of rheumatoid arthritis and the steroids that treat it) but I swallowed my ever-so-shallow pride and just sent in my reservation for the picnic. I can’t wait to see you all!

    Thanks for the website and all the work you’ve done putting the reunion together.

    Vicki (Chase) Ferren

  12. A soggy afternoon from Canandaigua, NY,

    All is well at 51 degrees. Busy working from home. I will be traveling soon for business as the youngest is away at college. See all soon. Tina

  13. Checking out all the pictures from the reunion that I didn’t make, I’m struck by the perenial question that no doubt many of you asked; why are some of these people so recognizable and seem to have changed so little in 30 plus years and what happened to the rest of them?…. So familiar yet I wouldn’t know them if I stood next to them for an hour.
    There are a few other questions I have that I’ll probably never get an answer to here. Jill could you send me your email again? system crash wiped out so much. Mary Macdonald- do you ever get down off the mountain and visit SLC? Come to the Jazz fest next year and say Hi to me over on the “Yardbird stage”, I work there the whole weekend. I think you and your husband would enjoy the shows. I miss you all from time to time though I did’nt know any of you very well.
    Albert Cristy aboit55@comcast.net and on facebook look me up if you’re curious.

  14. Hi kids,
    Not dead.
    I’ve really enjoyed looking at all the pictures, etc. Pretty amazing really.
    It would be fun to make it to a reunion … 40th?
    Can someone take me off the “memoriam” page? For now, anyway.
    Best to all!

    Surviving in Schenectady,

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